- - Do you feel trapped in a mundane everyday rut? Fear not, for your salvation lies within these short stories! Brace yourself as you are swept to lands far and near filled with tales of vengeful spirits, dragons, vampires, deranged people, and even a story from Wonderland.Dustin is back with Volume III of his well-beloved Mind Series to introduce new characters and continue the adventures of a few fan favorites. Try if you can, to not sit at the edge of your seat as you are enveloped in every twist and turn of the page.So bring the spark back into your life, step away from the brink of boredom and put your imagination to better use. All you have to do is open this book, along with your mind, and bend reality to your will.




Mind Over Matter
(The Mind Series)
(Volume 3)

About the Author

Dustin Coffman lives in a small town in the heart of West Virginia. Music and reading is a big part of his everyday life, stress relievers as he calls them. Writing has always been a love for him, as far back as he can remember. Dustin is also a full-time writer for Horrorcore Magazine, doing reviews, interviews, and short stories. He is quickly becoming a well-known name in the writing screen. With nothing standing in his way, Dustin is ready to show the world what is dancing around inside his creative head.
Dustin is best known for his vampire novels (the Eternal Life series), but he has also put out countless short stories around the world. A true storyteller in the making.




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